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Trend: Nordic style old-fashioned pattern of upper body sheets

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Nordic style dress first attempt to avoid tan lines appear protruding, bright red locks, elegant black or dark blue men of high margin, to grasp the contours of the volume of the dress sense of + tight rules, coupled with a powerful long-barreled fur Boots set off more people to the eye. D & G in a perfect interpretation of this winter Nordic style! Master of the Scandinavian-style design pattern, sweater, socks, leg warmers used in the fashion big plus, so this winter, global warming has also been awe-inspiring beauty of northern Europe. Reindeer, snowflakes become the hottest pattern this season, and the stars have also put on the popular Scandinavian style of a single product, clear colors and lines to create a warm and happy ice and snow texture. Xiaobian take you to the streets to see how big is with the. Also love the new generation of small day Houleihanuo Nordic style cardigan pattern of small V-collar, high waist style bunt so sexy and elegant gift to black and white cardigan, with the upper body and a rivet cap skirt brings a unique sense of rebellion. Nordic style scarves are also popular this year the focus is not ornate pattern looks complicated, as the wild of a single product its unique style, with decorative tassels, even if you lean the leather coupled with simple and can be full of romance. Gwen Stefani's The Nordic style blouse with a denim pant style coupled with a little Luyao very fun tassels decorate, clean cut coupled with Puff effect more cute. To dress the body of the atmosphere and ultimately, the inevitable sense of Nordic style grid pattern of large, mixed colors brilliant design coupled with a sense of let Gwen Stefani gradient suddenly considerably. Sweater is a must in winter, you want to wear clothing with color is also bad this year, with individual elements of points, just picking up this year, the Nordic style patterns added in such a wide collar cardigan and let down the overall image of Cheyenne Tozzi become very chic. Translucent black lace shirt collar wide tread pattern coupled with a strong Nordic once elegant dress to IsabelLucas up, just a small brown bag can be decorated is particularly delicate.