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Knitted fabrics rose against the market trend

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After a few days a good trend, China Textile City, the amount of the recent listing of knitted fabric home side extension, species more than a few days, to goods batch growth in cargo volume to increase, the price partial digestion, the overall turnover of contrarian and up. Affected by seasonal promotion, knitting fdy, dty, poy, decorated with sequined silk filament fabrics, apparel fabrics, including fabrics and some clothes stage dual fabric mesh, flower series, knitted jacquard, embroidery, burnt, water melt cloth , composite, flocking fabric) over a broad section, the significant advantage of a comprehensive supply and demand of domestic and foreign trade civilized. However, sales on a continuous visible to plush and the warp knitting machine pull the most favorite of the brush pile, has been continuously showing a single brush, two brush, Yao Li, or printing and dyeing interaction. The second half of the main market has been kind of fabric, and has been mostly charter package volume production, raw material price rises and more affordable for the batch is not, the price rose less than the other varieties of the market, so the overall impact on the market relative prices also small. The second half of the main varieties of knitted suede 75D/100D/150D household filament Brad plush, plush cut roll-type addition to successive days of a distributed transaction, bar type bed linen varieties also have sought after.