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Seamless knitted seamless popular excuse is popular in textile market

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, people type underwear sports underwear and body demand increases. Because of close knitted seamless, flexible, comfortable and so on and swept the globe. At present, China seamless underwear market Have not really formed, seamless underwear products are basically domestic export products. Seamless underwear for many domestic consumers is a relatively new product, but if many domestic consumers are fully accepted Seamless underwear product, the market is big and other countries and regions can not match. Fire seamless underwear seamless underwear will also stimulate domestic machine sales. Huge market potential Seamless underwear machine is the most recent comparison of the fire sale of a knitting equipment, many of seamless underwear seamless underwear manufacturers and equipment manufacturers are turning their sights on this huge potential market. National day Eve, Hubei Huang Shi Tieshan area and Garments Co., Ltd. Yiwu, Zhejiang, Zuoni signed a total investment of about 4.3 billion smart seamless knitted garment manufacturing project cooperation agreement. The project put into production, annual production of seamless About 36 million knitted garments, the estimated annual production value of 5 billion yuan. At present, Ningbo Yu Chee Sing who's seamless underwear machine has been in Shantou, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Yiwu, Zhejiang Haining, widely used in other areas, Shantou special recognition Chee Sing enterprise seamless underwear machine. Up to now, The company's total sales of seamless underwear machine has over a thousand units, which made seamless underwear machine manufacturing enterprises are rare. Sales staff told reporters that the company had orders booked in the second half. Many students seamless underwear Production and technical personnel of enterprises have also reflected Chee Sing quality and has a head unit shipments in the country is a handful. Seamless underwear machine agents, as the Chinese University of Hong Kong Industries Limited also share the joy of selling the equipment. The agency has 20 European region known brand of textile machinery company, has been in the country consists of 20 office Office. The company's senior sales manager Yung Yiu-based introduction Road, Yiwu Zhongda Industrial Company sold the equipment companies mostly seamless underwear machinery, usually three or four hundred units a month sold, accounting for four percent or so of total sales.