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Knitted Fabric China Textile City Market opened

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China Textile City located in Dongsheng road knitted fabrics market, October 18 across the board business. Here, 3.8 million square meters of business area, 640 operating rooms, operating more than 90% of households engaged in knitting fabrics, knitted fabrics business to become the highest concentration of professional markets.

The market is in the spirit of the Government under the guidance of the Urban paddle, through the sales of China Textile City Fabric species established after careful analysis of the first fabric professional market. After several rounds of investment, the market on the second floor, third floor have been opened, the increasing number of customers come to us not long ago, according to market developments, market company in the form of rent-open race for the fourth floor operating room rent, more than 150 operating rooms between full range of rental.

Knitting business households increasing, the market is becoming the darling of knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics market, it is possible in the short term Long City, one of the reasons Vaughan. Hong billion Textile Building Textile Co., Ltd., see the knitwear market prospects, rented knitted fabrics market opened a new retail outlet, the knitted fleece business independent, plans to expand the domestic market knitwear. Zhang Yong, head of the company over to tell reporters that he had few friends in the knitted fabric market on the second floor, third floor, open shops, less than six months, there have been numerous business, I believe the fourth floor will soon be prosperous together.