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Ning Bo takes rich to be able to spin rich to be able to share trade source with

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Dispatch will take business company this year on October 20 rich is met appoint the advantage that can rely on long triangle to be able to exhibit a group, begin actively other and as famous as circumjacent area exhibit the butt joint activity of the meeting. The reporter learns from organizing committee of the conference that take gain yesterday, the 12nd meeting that take gain will promote Ke Qiao to spin rich to turn around with carry on degree of collaboration, in October 25, open two land two days 26 days " bus straight have transport service " , travelling merchant of constituent both sides is exhibited in two undertake visiting in the meeting, purchase.

Ning Bo takes rich to meet organizing committee concerned personage to express, ning Bo is international home's principal dress production base, carry on promotes a county is base of production of countrywide spin fabrics, the time that Ning Bo takes rich to meet is will come 26 days on October 23, ke Qiao is spun meeting time is rich will come 28 days on October 25, the coincide on the complementary sex on the industry and time, to open two land " bus straight have transport service " offerred advantage. This satisfied the requirement that travelling merchant purchases not only, still can make joint-stock source well, those who realize industrial essential factor is complementary, two ground develop seek jointly.

Additional it is reported, terminal market of 7 riverside road costume purchase the major that organizes 90 more than person the group to exhibit can look around, purchase. In addition, the group of classics trade group of the 10 many countries such as Holand, Italy, Australia, Russia, France also in the future another name for Ningbo.

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