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Knitting innovation is in " accord with popular trend "

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Relative to character, knitting industry is the industry with most whole catenary of the industry in industry of our country spin, included all spin to produce segment almost. In last few years, knitting industry also is one of industries with the rapiddest development inside textile, to knitting the demand of gauze can increase continuously, the growth rate that predicts a few years domestic knitting will maintain 10 % above with gauze henceforth. Consequently knitting gauze quality how, class how, affecting the development situation with total trade greatly.
Speak of the current situation that at present domestic knitting uses yarn, chinese knitting is versed in Yang Shibin of trade association director thinks, yarn produces an enterprise to pass the technical reformation that perserves for years and product innovation, integral progress is very rapid, no matter be yarn quality or beautiful lubricious breed, had relatively apparent rise. But also put in a few difference, main show understands in the demand to downstream user insufficient, still do less than having specific aim ground develops production. Additional, knitting gauze especially the difference with quite bigger than still having posture of advanced nation of the quality of high-grade gauze and abroad. Enterprise of our country knitting produces efficiency and product quality to be inferior to advanced country, yarn quality is not high it is main reason. Have again even if breed of design and color is relatively onefold still, at present most enterprise basically still produces pure bombazine, and the level is not high, to the development of new product strength remains to strengthen.
As people living standard rise, knitting underwear appearance is changed, vogue is changed already made a trend, taller and taller to the requirement of knitted piece goods, also raised taller requirement to knitting yarn at the same time. Only the quality of raw material went up, of knitting dress quality and grade raise ability to become reality. Yang Shibin thinks, vogue is changed, high-grade change, recreational change, the function turns the apparent tide that has made current knitting clothing, this also raised taller requirement to the breed of knitting gauze and quality.
To cater to market demand, at present the development of knitting new fabrics has two kinds of ways: It is to use new raw material, 2 it is to use new hind arrange a technology. Henceforth, yarn produces an enterprise to want to increase product innovation and development strength actively, what develop high quality actively is tall raise yarn. The development of new yarn should be forerunner with the market, cater to or guide reality with potential consumptive idea. New fiber of avery kind of has his suitable scope of product of specific, first-rate, also have the one side of relatively weak force, the enterprise can adopt a dominant position complementary, use a variety of fibrous to mix, of short staple and filament compound wait for a way to obtain new-style yarn.
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