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Buy school uniform compulsively to cause Heibei of a lot of problem to draft leg

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Business company on October 17 dispatch " must wear school uniform into the school " , " come home without school uniform suspend class " ... before student and parent of the such of school of common, middle and primary school and pedagogic be accustomed to sth " custom " with the practice, be saved in Heibei nowadays or dash against " red light " -- recently, " Heibei province is carried out < obligation of People's Republic of China teachs a law > method " government of province of Heibei of careless brief of a case refers standing committee of province National People's Congress to discuss, this draft sets, the school and teacher must not be disobeyed the country concerns a provision with this province to student collection charge, must not adopt the introduction, revulsive make by force perhaps wait for means to ask the student buys the commodity such as school uniform to perhaps serve. This is meant, if this draft is passed via discussing, school of a few middle and primary school make a student by force buy the practice of school uniform to will be prohibited by public proclamation.

Make by force buy school uniform to draw a question great

As we have learned, although do not have regulation of proclaimed in writing, but nowadays no matter the city still is a country, requirement student goes to school must be bought and wearing school uniform, already became officer of a lot of middle and primary school a strong demand.

Zhang Xiang is some middle school of Heibei Baoding city accessary elementary school 5 grade student, since the first day of stride school gate, he and classmates are informed: The student when the school holds all sorts of collective activities must wear school uniform, do not wear school uniform to must not attend.

Not only such, some schools ask further, the student attends class to also must unite dress school uniform at ordinary times, do not wear school uniform uniform suspend class comes home. And be born to must be bought and wearing school uniform around middle and primary school this one " uniform requirement " , all sorts of problems related to this and report also appear ceaselessly.

In December 2007, because Shijiazhuang city learns to stipulate the student goes to school in some,must wear school uniform, to do not disobey school regulations, coldest days of this school student can be worn only not keep out is cold school uniform of winter light fleece, a sweater is covered to attend class to the school inside, many student because this cold, have a fever, cause the parent and society to the school " heavy ' school regulations ' heavy still health " eristic. Some provincial and impoverished county is saved in this, learn two years in place in ask every student buys two unexpectedly spring, summer, winter 3 season school uniform, the original intention that lets a lot of people unite dress to the school generates doubt.

On October 14, participate in " Heibei province is carried out < obligation of People's Republic of China teachs a law > method " the code of policy of office of Heibei province education that draft grows Liu Jin to tell a reporter everywhere, in recent years, branch of director of education of this province each district is continual the report that receives parent of student, student and social all circles to concern school uniform issue, include to force a student to buy school uniform, school uniform to pledge to the school makes by force or coverting already among them of second price high issue complain, in also including to purchase a process in school uniform to a few schools, eat " rake-off " , seek is illegal of interest behavior inform against.
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