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Ou Ya textile will exhibit on yarn fall fair product

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The 2nd yarn and fiber trade exhibition namely yarn fall fair will be in 21-23 day began in Shanghai international exhibition center in October 2008.

Come from nearly 60 at world each district to exhibit the unit will enter this exhibition, this yarn exposition will exhibit inside the commerce space in 3000 square metre yarn and fiber product.

This exhibition will mix a product showpiece: Of 33% natural with blending yarn; The man-made of 29% and blending yarn; The natural fiber of 23% ; The fiber of the other type of 15% . These products plan have the home to spin a product, braid and woven product.

Popular on the exhibition this year product will be bamboo charcoal fiber, milk fiber and metallic yarn. A lot of international exhibit product of cotton of unit general demand, include new company of participation Ou Ya textile, other ginseng exhibit an unit to will come from at Taiwan of China, Korea, India, Pakistan, Singapore, China and Turkey. Yarn fair was held 2007 at first, depart on exhibition of fabrics of international Shanghai clothing namely and come from world-renowned dress spin incident. These two exhibition will be held in same time, pass free luxurious car join.

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