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Brand costume sale in domestic market grows for a long time to good

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The industry moves: 1-8 month income and profit grow compared to the same period 15.5% with 3.2%
Periphery economy slowdown and dweller income are added fast glide bring send industry exit and sale in domestic market to add fast glide, boom fall after a rise. Main product output adds spin dress fast continuously fall after a rise; Raw material price rises on the whole, spin clothing is retail price is total fall after a rise; Industry return rate is low, investment is added fast glide apparently; Exit cost rises, industry turnover rate drops, financial cost is climbed considerably litre, income of industry 1-8 month and profit grow compared to the same period 15.46% put delay with 3.2% periphery economy, industry international competition ability still is in, exit of 1-9 month industry puts delay to constitute particular menace to exit than adding 8.1% periphery economy, export modest fall after a rise. Dress of 1-9 month spin exported 136.9 billion dollar 2008, grow 8.1% compared to the same period, add fast compared to the same period fall after a rise is nodded 11.7 times. Cent area looks, 1-8 month our country exported beautiful day Ou Tong to glide than parting 2008 1.34% , growth 5.67% with growth 34.25% . Dress of spin of 1-8 month United States glides compared to the same period from global import volume 5.24% , amount glides compared to the same period 3.68% , chinese market share rises 0.57 percent compared to the same period to 33.43% , industry international competition ability is driving still
Costume sale in domestic market: 1-8 month is large bazaar dress turnover continues more possibly than adding 21% country macroscopical economy to glide promotion of amplitude of influence dweller income affects integral dress consumption then. Dress of countrywide large market retail volume rose 1-8 month compared to the same period 2008 11% , turnover grows 21% compared to the same period. Turnover of dress of golden week of National Day of countrywide large market 1.698 billion yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 24.13% . It is American 1/10 only considering defray of dress of average per capita of our country dweller, domestic dress spending will still continue for a long time growth
International key company dogs: Economy glides, add fast put delay
Periphery economy puts delay, retail firm adds international key dress fast put delay. 24.54 billion Sweden overcame income of implementation of 6-8 month Inditex 2008 bright, grow 11% compared to the same period, 3.325 billion Sweden captures implementation net profit bright, grow 5% compared to the same period; Gap realized income in September 2008 1.34 billion dollar, drop compared to the same period 6% , among them Old Navy glides in North America income 24% , gap North America glides 3% ; Be able to bear or endure gram 6-8 month realized income 2008 5.43 billion dollar, grow 16.7% compared to the same period, gross profit is led 14.2% , the profit before implementing tax 710 million dollar, grow 7% compared to the same period, implementation net profit 510 million dollar, drop compared to the same period 10.4% , area of 6-8 month Asia-Pacific realizes income 860 million dollar, grow 36% compared to the same period, the gain before duty 186 million dollar, increase 15% textile and garment industry analyst compared to the same period
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