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American Unifi company will be on sale in fabrics of clothing of Shanghai intern

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American Unifi company promotes its product REPREVE to China ceaselessly, this company plan is on sale in fabrics of clothing of Shanghai of 2008 international spin roll out on the meeting showpiece REPREVE polyamide fibber 6, 6. Now, asian client can pass Unifi spin (Suzhou) company (UTSC) purchase product of REPREVE polyamide fibber, this is American Unifi company is in China new the branch that hold water.

Like REPREVE polyester, REPREVE polyamide fibber is the most high grade gauze is to use material of 100 % recycle to produce. REPREVE production reduces the sources of energy to use up, give birth to fiber formerly through decreasing (Virgin Fibers) production, lay in oil natural resources. Polyamide fibber applicable is tasted at a lot of yield, include dress and knitwear.

Unifi company carries out vice-president Roger Berrier to say, REPREVE brand combination increased polyamide fibber 6, 6, enlarged potential client and product base, now, since introduce the product Asia, the company must offer product of high grade 100 % recycle continuously, and the client develops business to also developing this to come just about.

Suzhou company (UTSC) administrative Unifi the sale of gauze of high additional cost in the Asia, sale, cent is sold and the technology supports, include REPREVE. Fabrics of clothing of international spin Shanghai is on sale meeting general on October 20, 2008 - in Shanghai 30 days center of new international exposition is held.

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