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Earnestly of industry of Jiangsu province pod needs " hold in the palm "

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Business company dispatch will produce management to be in statistic according to saving aricultural hall pod on October 16, mulberry of Jiangsu province lake grows an area 1.4 million mus, achieve more than 1000000 from farmer of course of study. Pod is saved in Jiangsu advocate Nantong yield a division, bought the price to drop in recent years market nadir. Open east, the autumn chrysalis of sea door buys price every kilograms highest have 14 yuan only, like Gao, be like east and other places is maintained be in 12 yuan. Buy the sea with top price to install a county repeatedly, this year buy the price every kilograms of only also 16-18 yuan, lower than in former years 30% the left and right sides. 30 the year's harvest prepping according to is best yuan of 2006, autumn chrysalis is normal this year in buying, exact value is in 15-17 yuan between, drop close already 50% .

As we have learned, autumn chrysalis price glides considerably this year, basically be to suffer the United States second lend the crisis and influence of international finance storm, enter especially September, include silk product inside exit of textile foreign trade is weighed defeat, market situation turns continuously and fall. Value of market of white filature silk by the beginning of the year every tons dropped 190 thousand yuan every tons 160 thousand yuan, dry chrysalis factory price fell every tons from 60 thousand yuan 40 thousand much. Eliminate labor cost, bright chrysalis price should sell 15 yuan of ability every kilograms to money earns, be in most place, silkworm raiser today Qiu Ken cannot earn money surely.

To silkworm raiser, pod buys the price to drop greatly, invite trouble in one's hand money hit water to float, enthusiasm of sericiculture of certainly will contusion. Although many local recuperate silkworm bring into agricultural insurance limits, but agricultural danger is insoluble the price drops problem, encounter market risk, same to no effect. It is with autumn chrysalis exemple, if market cannot take a favourable turn temporarily, the price lasts low fan, arrange its to develop naturally, will cause silkworm raiser dig surely mulberry destroy mulberry phenomenon. Be like,the reporter is in east the country is interviewed in had discovered such symptom, the town such as river of pond of this county horse, fork already had silkworm raiser to dig the other crop such as mulberry replant cole.

Mulberry of silkworm of hall of Jiangsu province aricultural produces management to grow Hu Jian to think everywhere, avoid silkworm raiser happening to be not rational behavior, protect pod industry base course of study, safeguard the auspicious situation that its health develops, need governmental plan the way to deal with a situation, make and come on stage give aid to policy, if pass,extend allowance, execute hold city in the palm to buy wait for act, stabilize pod market, stabilize silkworm raiser mood, help silkworm raiser overshoots difficulty, ensure pod this enrichs the people characteristic industry can last, healthy progress.
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