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Association of Chinese tailor machine holds bulletin of trade economic situation

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Bulletin of economic situation of trade of association of machine of dispatch China tailor will meet business company to was held in Beijing a few days ago on October 20. Come from " finance and economics " , " 21 centuries economy reports " , " Chinese finance and economics signs up for " , " economic reference signs up for " , " Chinese industry signs up for " , " Chinese enterprise signs up for " , " Chinese dress signs up for " , " begging is, comparatively well-off " etc. The situation that standing vice-president He Ye faces with respect to current trade and development foreground had society of Chinese tailor machinery the introduction and analysis. Be aimed at the heat of a few industries that at present everybody pays close attention to and focal problem, reporter attending the meeting quizs in succession, assistant manager thing is seamed to grew Tian Minyu to undertake be solutioned one by one in.

Standing vice-president He Ye says to reporter attending the meeting, from 2007 second half of the year rises, industry of Chinese tailor machinery is in after experiencing 8 years of high speed to develop, industry development begins decelerate be issued to lower levels. Since this year, industry economy downtrend is more apparent, exit forehead appears 7 years first negative growth. Especially 5, June, company sale all is compared the corresponding period dropped considerably last year, profit drops bigger, the industry of close 1/3 appears deficit. Current, the enterprise faces keep long in stock of inadequacy of capital insecurity, start working, product, market generally not the problem such as free, trade situation is very grim. The bibcock mainstay business in increasing near future trade appears in succession a few problems, a few attention that also caused social all circles to develop to the industry and carry faze.

He Ye analysis points out, depression of industry of current tailor machinery is multiple element overlay the result of joint action: By the United States second the world economic depression that borrows the crisis to cause, bring about consumption to drop, demand is atrophic; The RMB rises continuously to dollar exchange rate, raw material price soars ceaselessly, exit drawback reduces 4 percent, labour cost to rise wait for an element, aggravate company cost increase sharply; Our country is what control invests overheat, inflation and adopt to reach measure of macroscopical adjusting control from tight monetary policy, the low cost advantage that makes the enterprise goes back on his word to develop with high speed gets grim challenge; Domestic garment industry adjusts aggravate, large quantities of in of small clothing company shut the quick atrophy that causes market of homebred tailor machine directly; The trade that expands quickly for years continuously put forward to oneself periodic adjustment requirement, competition ability of unbalance of blind dilate, structure, core is not strong wait for depth second contradiction needs an industry to put growth rate, adjust a structure, cogent change low cost, extensive grow way; Because the industry is opposite young, the foundation is relatively fragile, enterprise and entrepreneur are not quite mature still, the confidence that grows to the industry remains to increase.
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