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Zoology synthetic leather and special type leather make material of expensive gr

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Industry of dispatch China leatheroid, synthetic leather will pass business company nearly 50 years to develop on October 20, already became world leatheroid, synthetic leather to produce big country, had the produces technology and oneself scientific research power with the most advanced international, producing powerful nation stride to product of high-grade leatheroid synthetic leather. Change of leatheroid, PU, synthetic leather is accelerated as the progress of market internationalization, the crop that dress change, box bag change and furniture and interior decoration use remove from office will maintain steady growth. In the superfine fibber shoe of high-grade, high additional cost kind synthetic leather and breathe freely dress kind synthetic leather extends therewith development applied domain ceaselessly and grow quickly. Of hi-tech content wet PU breathes freely change and superfine fibber base material will be henceforth the way that PU change, synthetic leather develops.

Had blown as wind of environmental protection of Olympic Games green, synthetic leather industry pays attention to clean production more, develop to zoology leather direction stage by stage. The concept of zoology leather included the following 4 respects: It is do not bring pollution to the environment in producing production course; 2 it is the process that machines its leather in harmless; 3 be be opposite in use process human body is harmless, do not produce pollution to the environment; 4 it is OK by biology degradation, and the pollution with degradation won't new to environmental generation product. In producing a course, leather industry will pay attention to cleanness to turn the application that produces a technology more, this develops green chemical and technology of free from contamination with respect to the requirement, pay attention to the reoccupy inside craft and loop.

New and high technology is increasing the new and high technology such as technology of leather industry ultrasonic, electron technology, microwave and high-pressured technology uses system to leather domain now, accept rice technology of future also can use curry technology in, also be very big to design and producing an effect of leather. For example sound wave technology can make leather more even and consistent, and can make enzymatic have transferability, also can make the trash of leather is reduced somewhat. In exceeding wave technology to permeate leather easily, sichuan university also undertook study in this respect, and obtained an abecedarian succeed. The application of accept rice technology in leather, also meet gradually spread out, university of this respect Sichuan and Shaanxi university had undertaken discussing, and obtained abecedarian result, developed agent of accept rice tan for example.

Special effect change and special type leather also are applied ceaselessly. Current, on the market already some special effect change basically have furrow (chap) change of change, change throwing grain, the effect that brush color, disappear smooth change, bead light change, fluorescent effect change, bead light brushs change of old effect of kind of effect change, copy, crystal change (copy is hit. If the technology in industry of textile industry etc catchs flower, embroider, wax printing, plunge into catch, the transplanting such as carve patterns or designs on woodwork of hollow out, electron arrives in leather industry, produced special effect change to already also made a kind of trend.
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