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Enterprise of Shaanxi cotton spin increases with cotton breach

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From Shaanxi the province understands about the branch, shaanxi saves cotton to cultivate an area to make an appointment with 1.25 million mus this year, always produce about 89 thousand tons, although every mus of per unit area yield predicts to compare this year,go up year increase 2 kilograms, but because complete province grows an area relatively on year reduce 100 thousand mus, total output will fall 6% , spin enterprise increases with cotton breach.

Business company on October 20 dispatch it is reported, save pily market to stabilize Shaanxi, cogent maintain cotton grower and profit of cotton spinning company, shaanxi province is fulfilling cotton actively to buy fund about the branch. Province farming is issued slant in credit fund below tight situation, finance 1 billion yuan, use at giving aid to new cotton of pily treatment company is bought. Concerned branch is strengthened lawfully buy, treatment link quality controls government, ban the illegal treatment facilities such as packer of small cotton gin, earth stoutly, guide cotton grower to be executed to cotton " 4 minutes " , prevent " 3 " pollution, quality of cogent safeguard cotton. In the meantime, increase cotton to machine business updating equipment to transform strength, predicting the end of the year will transform 50% above newlier, next year all cotton that finish machines updating equipment to transform. Strive for national cotton actively to import quota, strengthen provincial cotton orders goods and allocate and transport, ensure Shaanxi saves spin enterprise to use cotton demand.

Investigate statistic according to national statistic bureau, our country cotton grows an area this year 86.58 million mus or so, decrease compared to the same period 2.5% . Promotion cotton is thoroughbred, stimulative science and technology promotes cotton, the way corp is growing of cotton of major area yield cotton is good, predicting per unit area yield increases compared to the same period, domestic cotton total output and on year keep balance basically.

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