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Carbon fiber is wet twine annulus oxygen to excogitate new

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Carbon fiber is wet twine go out ceaselessly with research of epoxy resin matrix new. Recently, institute of Xi'an spaceflight composite material gives priority to body colophony with TDE-85 colophony and AFG-90 colophony, mix balmy amine to be solidify agent, studied one kind agrees with carbon fiber composite material is wet twine shaping colophony recipe. The result makes clear, this resinous viscosity is low (%26lt;550mPa%26#8226;s) , working life is long, its mould body has superior mechanical performance, its tensile strength is 107MPa, drawing model quantity is 4.09GPa, flexural strength is 161MPa, curve modular quantity to be 3.88GPa, rupture percentage elongation exceeds 6% . With its the T-700 carbon fiber of preparation twines composite material interface to stick had received, the shear strength between NOL annulus layer achieves 66.8MPa, tensile strength achieves 2.44GPa. Because have the advantage such as quantity of high strenth, high standard, low density, carbon fiber is become current the mainest high-powered thread. Carbon fiber composite material applies extensively already in the domain such as equipment of aerospace, marine, car, sports.

In western developed country, housing of motor of rocket of current first-rate solid uses carbon fiber composite material entirely almost; The United States that enters the water formally in Feburary 2006 " creese " (M80 Stiletto) high speed is invisible mosquito craft, because used hull of composite material of complete carbon fiber, stronger than conventional steely case, defter. "Creese " do not exceed 500t again completely, speed can amount to 50km/h. Twine one of first selection methods that shape to had been considered as low cost to make composite material of high-powered carbon fiber, the function of the composite material goods of its preparation depends on not only the element such as the structural design that uses the function with respective constituent and product, still depend on the interfacial function between fiber and matrix. As carbon fiber function rise, develop high-powered colophony matrix, raise fiber intensity to change rate, already became carbon fiber composite material to study a heat of the domain. Regard main body as colophony with TDE-85 and AFG-90 epoxy resin, e-300 and DDM are solidify agent, joined proper auxiliary to develop a kind of low viscosity, of excel in tall pliable but strong wet twine with colophony matrix. As good as function of carbon fiber interface, comfortable at carbon fiber wet twine shape.

This research test is main raw material includes: Oxygen of TDE-85 epoxy resin, annulus is worth 0.85, oxygen of AFG-90 epoxy resin, annulus is worth 0.85 ~ 0.9, 6360, thinner of active of 660 annulus oxygen, all do not have stannic colophony factory to produce by Inc. of new material of blue star chemical industry. The preparation of the body of preparation cent mould of sample, preparation of composite material 2 paces. Survey mould system by corresponding national level next, reach its each mechanical function of directional composite material and NOL annulus. The expert discussed colophony matrix recipe to design -- twine as carbon fiber with colophony matrix, ask colophony has not only appropriate viscosity and rupture outspread rate, still ask colophony mould body has enough strength and as good as carbon fiber interface to stick receive performance. This should have taller polarity and appropriate cross-linking density with respect to requirement colophony matrix. The TDE-85 of much functionality, AG-80 and AFG-90 annulus oxygen are the colophony variety with the at present higher polarity in high-powered epoxy resin; Housing of motor of rocket of carbon fiber composite material does not allow to use agent of acid anhydride solidify, ethocure-300 of E-300 full name, generation of formal name sulfur is methylic toluene 2 amine. The sulfur generation in the structure is methylic space block makes balmy amine noxiousness drops, water imbibition drops, e-300 has as solidify agent longer probation, it is ideal of carbon fiber composite material uses gum, be DDS replace content.
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