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Take high-tech shoe " wear " go up in the body

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Dispatch will be in business company on October 20 in the near future in, in our chest will crowded such intelligent clothings -- can numerate of human body heartbeat and ventilatory frequency " clever shirt " ; Can broadcast musical coat automatically; The T-shirt unlined upper garment that can show character and picture before the bosom... media of American science and technology is forecasted, prospective dress will be become true " muti_function portable high-tech product " , a dress can broadcast music, video at the same time, adjust temperature, surf of very consummate net. People need not Mp3, personal computer, or air conditioning outfit perhaps is carried on the shoulder in the pocket, need only them " wear " go up in the body, all over the body is light.

In change quickly of science and technology today, the electronic product of all sorts of function novelty is brought for our life infinite originality and convenient. Among them, bulk small and exquisite, carry the product with convenient, economic function to get especially the welcome of broad consumer. Accordingly, electronic course of study and computer industry gradually arisen a kind of new trend -- the design goes out can wear with the dress " be in harmony is an organic whole " high-tech product.

"Intelligent dress " into fashionable tide

At present till, the product that has had many this kinds rolls out the market, but they cannot be united in wedlock together well with dress mostly, look not quite beautiful also. How does ability make a dress has the function of a variety of electron products, where is the former appearance that carries the dress again? This makes electronic course of study, computer industry and dress group the direction of the joint efforts. Have medium bold prophecy, be in before long in the future, the bounds of digital product and dress will be more and more ambiguous, electronic product of future can be ideal the ground " conceal " in dress; And prospective dress changes as can " wear " the computer on the body.

Take the lead of European research and development

Current, on the world develop actively " intelligent dress " the country basically is the European country such as Germany, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, England, this is the demand that develops to new-style textile as a result of European area on one hand more intense, it is the mutual support that they also have industry of software of advanced circumjacent electron electric machinery, communication, computer cooperates on the other hand. A lot of garment estate magnates also hope, "Intelligent dress " research and development, can be at present a new vitality mixes infuse of stagnant traditional textile industry vitality.

Future " electronic almirah "

"Digital cloth " successful research and development, make for dress bound undoubtedly " intelligent dress " offerred possibility. In future inside 10 years, we can see various digital dress enter consumptive market probably. Now, magnate of company of a few famous clothing, computer industry, electric equipment produces business, for instance IBM, Li Wei this, flying benefit riverside, be able to bear or endure the gram, had begun pilot of computer of research and development in succession " intelligent dress " . This kind of dress holds a modern functional sex that designs He Chaojiang concurrently, very the prospective demand that accords with consumer of garment industry goal, these consumer include major personage, young a group of things with common features group the personage that likes with motion is waited a moment.
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