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Excel in exceeds Spectra of fiber of special type of pliable but strong

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Message of American Xin Zexi MORRIS TOWNSHIP, company of Er of Huo Ni Wei (Honeywell) announce its are commonly used the fiber of high strenth Spectra%26reg; in ballproof garment is to be used at raising heavy equipment and maritime oil gas to make material, and the important part of sling of the industry in equipment of deep water defense.

Special type fiber promoted Huoniweier to often call condole rigging, and Holloway rests Si Duigong manages the sling that sells with HHIPER LIFT%26#8482; raises the material that is as high as 4 million pounds simple and easily. This kind of sling is used to the equipment that defence is as deep as two miles and material.

"Huoniweier continues to cooperate to develop new fiber solution in order to affirm to be opposite in order to satisfy them with the clients that come from global each district high-powered demand, " the Joe Gelo of global business chief inspector of advanced fiber and composite material business talks about Huoniweier. "Our Spectra fiber is applied to maritime build and deep water defence, because be in these environments all demand is tough the material of light simple solution. Because be in these environments all demand is tough the material of light simple solution..

Spectra fiber wants than steely intensity 15 times taller, and because it is not easy and bibulous and not easy in water ageing, if microtherm seawater is medium,function can maintain to stabilize in harsh environment, accordingly it is the good data that uses the environment on Yu Hai. At the same time it still has good flotage - mean it but float is in surface. Below the circumstance of identical load, with traditional iron and steel sling photograph is compared, the weight that uses HHIPER LIFT of company of Holloway of special type fibrous wants lower 90% .

Special type fiber is to use gel filature to craft measures polyethylene preparation by freeboard element and be become. This kind of fiber has pair of chemistry, of water and ultraviolet light exceedingly good fight a gender. It has exceedingly good oscillatory damp sex, bending exhaustion and underlying thread - wear away characteristic. It is had taller than nylon fiber the intensity of 60% .  

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