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Get together ultimate fibre of 4 fluorine ethylene is medical material can reduc

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W. L. Gore%26amp;Associates (Gore) announces to roll out GORE INFINIT%26reg;Mesh, the first also is exclusive a 100% surgical operations that make with ultimate fibre silk are used repair a net, use completely get together 4 fluorine ethylene (PTFE) material. The union of large hole structure of GORE INFINIT Mesh gets together the performance that the chemical laziness of polymer of 4 fluorine ethylene provided excel polypropylene and polyester reseau for doctor and patient. The design of this product reduces body eyewinker reaction as far as possible, the easy that utmost land increases long-term patient is mixed moderately life quality.

When treating hernia and other parenchyma defect, reduce relevant complication risk to mean utmost ground to reduce the chronic eyewinker reaction that goes against process of heal of nature of human body oneself. Endurance, comfortable sex, repair for a long time protect producing complication is very important, if reduce celiac wall to comply with a gender, chronic ache and nerve card are pressed. Eyewinker reaction depends on not only material, and the gross area that still organizes a contact at matrix is concerned. The optimal material that GORE INFINIT Mesh combined and structure, can produce natural inferior chronic eyewinker reaction.

The data of medical treatment polymer that GORE INFINIT Mesh collects appliance completely to have chemical laziness - get together 4 fluorine ethylene is made, be helpful for offerring long-term biology consistence and dinky chronic eyewinker response. The PTFE material of Gore makes product of GORE INFINIT Mesh is had softer more agile characteristic, and firm and reliable. In fact, the PTFE of Gore has been proved to be reliable by 2500 much implant.

The structure of knitting of shape of old hole pattern of GORE INFINIT Mesh was used " StableLink " technology, be operated in order to assure easily in embedded process and its reseau stability. This kind of structure expresses an area to decrease, be helpful for an organization complete grow. In addition, solid odd silk conduces to the risk that reduces infection, with multilayer the bacterium with more potential than decreasing photograph of polyester fibber silk creates a spot.

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