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A week of cotton of ICE button fix a date takes situation overview (2008.10.13-1

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Business company on October 20 dispatch 2008 - 17 days, contract of futures of cotton of exchange of futures of new York of ICE United States and go up than small last week drop each other shows. Zhou Wu (10.17)08 year agreement newspaper will close at 49.57 cent in December, relatively last weekend 49.44 cent go up at 13 o'clock; Agreement newspaper will close at 53.39 cent 9 years in March, relatively last weekend 53.87 cent drop 48 a little bit; Agreement newspaper will close at 55.14 cent 9 years in May, relatively last weekend 55.56 cent drop 42 a little bit.

Current year spot market is highest and average valence (Slm 1-1/16 ") is in the 62.69 cent August 1, 2008; Year minimum price is in the 44.1 cent October 15, 2008.

On October 17, newspaper of A(08-09) of Cotlook far east closes at 61 cent, relatively last weekend 63.2 cent drop 220 a little bit.

Agreement will be in when week apogee 8 years in December Zhou Wu (the 52.57 cent of 10.17) , the nadir is in Zhou Si (the 45.66 cent of 10.16) , oscillation extent 691 bits.

Zhou Yi, market of ICE period cotton appears super- sell pattern, follow the stock market spreads out rebound, receive city to shrink the raise on the quantity. Analytic personage says, near future cotton stares at the economic condition of wider extensive closely, basically give priority to with the stock market. The economic situation of wall street, Europe and Asia will affect pily prices. Experts are right of world economy forecast will affect cotton city, security market is the indicator of economic actual strength and spin demand.

Zhou Er, ICE period cotton receives city small go up drop each other shows, clinch a deal the quantity is atrophic, cotton city and stock market turned at the same time that day warm, but city of stock market end sinks. The near future, investor is wait-and-see the queasy situation of situation of Bureau of Economics, because American government adopts the policy that help city, commodity market rebounds as stock market synchronism. Analytic personage points out, global consumption anticipates decrease, inventory of American period end anticipates increase, and contain of benefit good just is in negative factor, because adverse element will reduce the United States and global cotton to grow an area, make bull person energy of life gather.

Zhou San, the stock market drops and operation of authority of period of be expected to fall forms pressure to cotton city, economy is low confuse foreground to stimulate the market to issue have diarrhoea ceaselessly, ICE period cotton receives city to steep fall. Analytic personage points out, when pair of final strong fund or exponential investment fund plans or must evacuate option market when, cotton city will see the technology is bottom. From more long term look, the stock market steeps fall adumbrative economy growth puts delay, spin demand decreases, cotton faces pressure. In difficult period, consumer can not buy the clothes completely.

Zhou Si, the stock market drops, cotton city gets be a burden on, drop to the end of two years of many cereal, but nominal answered filling prices to will receive market price to be pushed considerably that day tall. Analytic personage says, economy is fatigued and weak, demand is depressed, congenial bull makes the same score a storehouse, bring about cotton city concussion, this one situation won't produce the near future turn round. Exit the market in speculator only, after commerce enters town afresh, the market trades to just can return to oneself main area. Because crop anticipates,decrease, from more long term look, pily prices may turn strong, but before body is, certainly will of big range Bureau of Economics must be stabilized above all come down.
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