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Vietnam annual is spun take the explore on exit one billion four hundred and ten

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Undersecretary of dispatch Vietnam The Ministry of Commerce and Industry will represent business company recently on October 20, this year, vietnam spin dress exports amount to be expected to reach 9.5 billion dollar, the exit dimensions 2009 will increase left and right sides of 11.5 billion dollar.

Group of Vietnam spin dress (of Vinatex) forecast an analysis to think, vietnam exports the exit of staple market United States and Japan to be expected to continue to grow to its spin dress. The United States is the foreign market with the mainest Vietnam, vietnam is next to China to amount of dress of beautiful exit spin, rank on American import market 2. The trade agreement that Vietnam signs as newly as Japan will at formal 2009 go into effect, according to bilateral agreement, japan is right from east alliance and the spin clothing that the use place raw material that Vietnam imports manufactures import custom duty, 2009 will by present 10% fall to 0. This year 1~8 month, vietnam spin dress exports amount to already amounted to 6.04 billion dollar, the exit amount of predicting annual will amount to 9.5 billion dollar, achieve the history new tall.

The United States jumps over pily cooperation agreement to be helpful for Vietnam expanding to be exported to American spin dress. Association of Vietnam spin clothing (the message of VITAS) says, american cotton association and association of Vietnam spin clothing already reached principle agreement, the United States just jumps over assistance industry of garment of square development spin. Pily crop amounted to the United States 2008 3.2 million tons, 30% what the pily quantity that its export to Vietnam occupies Vietnam to import pily gross. Vietnam already ascended the body exports the cavalcade of main country to American spin dress now, vietnam rose to 4.29 billion dollar to exit amount of the United States last year, predict to will attain the scale of about 5.4 billion dollar this year, after will ranking China, become American spin dress to import the 2nd big country offerring money of the market.

Hand-me-down of the China on Vietnam market is favorred by the market. Vietnam is the 10th big textile on the world and hand-me-down exit country at present, but the China on retail market produces Vietnam hand-me-down suffers consumer to favor. Homebred hand-me-down is in more in in the past small shop or market are trafficced, now because design is diversiform, already entered the supermarket of Vietnam. China produces hand-me-down and Vietnam hand-me-down to compete on common market previously, china produces hand-me-down to soar in the consumption of Vietnam supermarket now, especially jeans product. A few supermarkets of Vietnam are mirrorred, distribute China hand-me-down makes their business profit soars, local selling manager expresses, the profit margin of distribute China hand-me-down is in commonly 30% the left and right sides, tall person amount to 50% , and the profit margin of distribute Vietnam hand-me-down is in 20% the left and right sides. The investigation of Vietnam shows, the Chinese ready-made clothes that a few supermarkets sell occupies the 30%~40% of total sales volume, most be as high as 80% .
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