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Japan cracks machine market in be being adjusted before row

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Dispatch will regard business company as the Asia on October 20 the earliest tailor machinery makes a state, japan makes the whole world very quickly after World War II the 2nd seam machine exit country greatly, its seam machine market position to not allow to ignore in international.

However, in recent years, seam machine industry as a result of China, Korea and circumjacent area rise abruptly, add Japanese mainland to make cost and labour force rise wait for pressure, make Japan seams aircraft company must transfer outside Xiang Hai. A few enterprises establish a plant in Korea, chinese mainland and Taiwan province, transfer partial technology, drove these countries to seam the development of machine industry, and market of machine of the tailor inside Japan is increasingly atrophic.

Notable is, while dimensions is contractible, next Japan are driven to seam machine industry to still develop ceaselessly in concussion in what science and technology innovates. With science and technology thriving industry, at present industry of machinery of tailor of level our country and enterprise need to draw lessons from and learn this.

Downstream market is increasingly contractible

Regard tailor machinery as the downstream industry of the industry, spin garment industry ever made Japan's biggest industry industry after World War II, the economy that is Japan flies made enormous contribution. Because introduce time earlier, technical innovation capability is stronger, japanese spin technology is banner all the time at the world. But from 20 centuries 80 time metaphase begins, as industry of garment of the spin inside Japan move outside centre of gravity, garment industry begins to glide after reaching peak, its scale of production and crop hasten are small, japan already turned to import a country completely for textile dress via exporting a nation completely by textile dress.

Japanese textile industry is at present overall dimensions falls bigger. There are 160 bases in Japan, employ personnel 680 thousand person, 10% what occupy entire manufacturing industry to use labour gross, plus spin wholesale and retail wait for concerned personnel inside, total number reachs 1.83 million person. Current, japanese textile industry is a foundation with new and high technology, its product also involves things of project of sanitation of environmental protection, medical treatment, information, industry and agriculture, war industry, aerospace and construction a variety of utility of the blame dress domain such as building, support Japanese other industry widely live and develop, industrial catenary is apparently contractive.

In adjusting seam machine industry

Contract as downstream market, the development of industry of Japanese tailor machinery also got very big impact. 2007, sewing machine of the production inside Japan five hundred and seventy-one thousand six hundred, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared 2006 drop 7.3% , product amount is 70.5 billion yen, drop compared to the same period 5.2%(among them: Family expenses machine one hundred and forty-one thousand two hundred, drop compared to the same period 9.8% , product amount 6.5 billion yen, drop compared to the same period 2.2% ; Industrial chance four hundred and thirty thousand five hundred, drop compared to the same period 6.5% , product amount 64 billion yen, drop compared to the same period 5.5%) .
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