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International boat assist: Oppose tax of European country new leave a country or

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International aviation carries association (England of follow the lead of of Belgium of 17 days of sharp criticism and Irish government mixes IATA)10 month Holand imposes tax of leave a country.

Thing of international boat assistant manager grows Bixiniyani to express: "I can be used only ' collective insanity ' will describe Ireland and Belgium to be as high as 150 million euro and the plan of tax of leave a country of 132 million euro respectively. Come with viatic taxation policy fill budget gap or help government aid financially banking, appear special nearsightedness. Appear special nearsightedness..

Belgium and Irish government announced to add item of duty of leave a country in new budget a few days ago. Impose the tax of leave a country that aviation duty of England, Holand implements recently, up to the aviation of afore-mentioned Shikoku gave the person that go to need to assume the duty that is as high as 3.8 billion euro every year to lose 2010.

Irish government announces to plan to begin from March 30, 2009, right from Ireland all passengers of airport leave a country impose tax of leave a country, predict year collect amount to 150 million euro. The passenger of long-distance journey needs pay the duty of leave a country of 10 euro, the passenger of short distance journey of 300 kilometers less than requires pay 2 euro. Meanwhile, belgian Ministry of finance also decides to plan to collect the relevant duty that is as high as 132 million euro every year to expend.

Begin from July 1, 2008, holand government already began the duty of leave a country that differs to 45 euro to leaving the passenger of Holand airport to collect 11.25 euro, predict year collect amount to 312 million euro.

And British government is in reversed tax of airport of the fare in sky times 2007, collect every year amount to 2 billion pound () of 2.5 billion euro. Begin from November 2009, british government plans to use aviation duty to replace fare airport tax, predict to be collected every year amount to 2.5 billion pound () of 3.2 billion euro, to 2011/2012 year will raise 3.5 billion pound () of 4.4 billion euro.

"Fuel line of business already became the burden with the greatest airline, and be in this moment, government however land of one disaster after another increased aviation to give the cost of travel. The closest oil price although somewhat fall after a rise, but still compare before tower above 3 times. European government should the competition ability that try every means promotes Europe, collective of and rather than compresses taxpayer. Of an effective ' onefold Europe sky ' (the discharge capacity that policy of Single European Sky) can reduce 16 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, also can promote Europe celestial competition ability, save 50 much euro. " Bixiniyani says.

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