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The the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries will open urgent meeting w

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In report will occupy new network on October 19 coverage of Hong Kong media, oil price drops add financial seismic sea wave, the economic equipment of petroliferous country is stricken, not simply taxation is decreased greatly, partial country appears even giant money bare. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will go at Zhou Wuju urgent meeting, the market anticipates OPEC will reduction of output.

8 become income come from Iran oil, teheran government asks oil price wants to stay in the level of 100 dollars ceaselessly then, but the Saudi Arabia is faced with oil price fall after a rise not to feel embarrassed. OPEC member country the reasonable level each sticks to his own view to oil price, the outcome that decides week of 5 conferences. The target price that thinks sand is special commonly is 80 dollars, the analysis thinks this goal can be achieved, nevertheless oil price may appear to swing in a small way.

Oil of 4 button fix a date signs up for 69.85 dollars last week a pail, analyst estimates OPEC besides on the month announces daily reduction in production 500 thousand pails outside, will announce on Zhou Wu's conference again reduction of output 1 million pails. The day before yesterday new York oil price for a time your brilliant idea 74.3 dollars, make a round trip to come firmly after 71.85 dollars.

Global economy is faced with concussion, to petrolic slow down in demand, the analysis thinks oil price can drop very quickly to 60 dollars. Uptodate oil price relatively fastigium drops half, this answering but to motivation of American economy infuse, but economic division points out, american labour market faces decline, unemployment rate is climbed litre, add financial seismic sea wave to did not pass, expect low oil price cannot reduce the effect of American economic depression.

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