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Hateshen bilking mattress goes bankrupt please protect other cotton trader caref

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Cotton industry bilks mattress to cotton trader Hateshen goes bankrupt please protection is not surprised, but market investor is afraid, in current market queasy in, other cotton trader continues to walk on brittle chorion.

Hart bilking mattress the company is regarded as the United States trader of the 4th big cotton, zhou San, the company applies for to go bankrupt protection, legal file says, because violent wind of price of drive of the speculator at the beginning of March rises, the company appears severe circulating fund crisis.

The Sharon Johnson of presiding cotton analyst of First Capitol group says, want the market only considerably queasy, get hurt with respect to meeting somebody.

Hart bilking mattress is located in the Richardson of American heart city, it is American Paul the wholy-owned subsidiary of Hart bilking mattress, the personage of know the inside story of the company discloses, ICE period cotton is at the beginning of March break through 90 cent, the company prepares market fund to increase cash deposit without ability.

Judicial document says, the company did not break down thoroughly at that time, but also cannot get resumptive, severe loss forces Hart bilking mattress to be at the beginning of April come to an agreement with credit side, wu of delay countervail repay a debt. The situation continues to worsen, ultimate company goes broke to the United States of area of heart city north the court is referred go bankrupt protection.

Zhou Si, period cotton will close at 49.57 cent in December, drop to the nadir since July 2006. The market awaits the concrete result that the government produces to measure of economic crisis help somebody in danger or difficulty, accordingly, period cotton price and stock market prices are collateral drop.

Johnson says, still can see in still other cotton trader steeps fall in the market, be harmed likewise.

What happen to market of earlier in March cotton by Feburary is queasy make option market controller - commission of commodity futures trade launchs investigation, investigate at present still afoot. In the market considerably queasy during, of ICE go up drop stop an area to expand. A lot of commerce are hypostatic, be like Hart bilking mattress, because bail is increased, the nominal that is forced to counter-purchase them avoids danger.

Price of cotton of near future period drops quickly substantially, will go up in March an all time spit, quicken a few investor to turn into spot market thereby.

Cotton trader purchases cotton through spot price, cancel period a cotton-padded covering for keeping sth warm is protected necessary, do not wish to sign long-dated agreement with cropper.

Analytic personage says, after developing a top from March, period cotton clinchs a deal quantity and sky dish the quantity is decreasing ceaselessly, everybody does not escape to go out now trade big environment.

After capital loss, using set when protecting a tool, investor is behaved more carefully.
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