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Policy of foreign trade of Chinese next year is likely to encourage exit to tilt

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Policy of next year foreign trade predicts the tendency encourages export
Exit amplitude predicts under go up year of about 15 %

The RMB appreciates delay of pace predicting hasten

Dispatch will become business company on October 17 during global banking crisis is spreading to hypostatic economy, trade data will produce China September person meaning other place is driving. And will situation of next year foreign trade grow to Chinese economy bring troublesome or to continue to act loco part?

Academy of collaboration of economy of international trade of Chinese Department of Commerce predicts when assistant dean Li Yu, although amplitude of exit of Chinese next year is met under go up year, predict to still can amount to 15 % left and right sides, entrance amplitude is in about 15 - 20 % , annual favorable balance of trade is likely slightly under 2008. Nevertheless, once exit amplitude slowdown is too next year sharp, foreign trade policy predicts to meet to encourage export side to tilt, include a RMB to appreciate put delay to wait.

Export will increase China compared to the same period in September 21.5 % , the import rises 21.3 % , favourable balance achieves the history again with 29.3 billion dollar new tall. Be worth what carry is, this also is exit is added fast exceed an import first since this year March. This year 1 - favorable balance of trade is adjacent in September 1, 83 billion dollar. Achieved 2007 2, the history of 62.2 billion dollar is exalted.

Chinese gross domestic product (GDP) in amplitude, rate of foreign trade contribution is as high as 24 % .

When the road is being accepted to appear telephone special interview when Li Yu, express, from eye antecedent condition looks, predict exit still can maintain the amplitude that 20 % control this year, the main factor that considers the influence exports a company this year includes RMB exchange rate to appreciate considerably the attune before reaching this falls the influence that exports the respect such as drawback policy, these elements can spend estimation next year infirmly somewhat, the RMB appreciates pace will put delay apparently.

He says, "Although China exports the partial advantage of the product to be appreciated to reach cost to rise by RMB exchange rate this year,wait for efface; But on chain of division of labor of alive group industry, what China exports basically is a few daily consumable, still having a few products also is the product that produces for the international market only, china is made still have stronger exit competition ability. China is made still have stronger exit competition ability..

Anticipate the RMB appreciates when Li Yu extent next year predicts to be able to put delay, and Chinese government is increasing pair of medium and small businesses to give aid to strength, include the many sided such as capital, ease export business pressure, conduce to China exporting next year to maintain steady growth.

Stop to Zhou San, accumulative total of RMB add dollar rises an about 6.9 % since this year, rise first half of the year among them amount to 6.56 % , occurrence after of indication finance storm, RMB of second half of the year appreciates range is distinct already rein in. Last year of annual RMB litre it is 6.86 % .
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