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"Breath " opportunity -- from drawback tone sees an opening

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Industry development is " force " those who come out, either " raise " those who come out. This opportunity gives drawback callback the spin clothing company in predicament probably with moment " breath " opportunity, however, want from go up at all solve a problem, return so that try to save oneself, accelerate an industry to upgrade

Of industry of garment of our country spin live the state makes a person can care.

It is reported, spin industry appears what this lifetime put the crisis to already caused industry is general anxious. The draft resolution that industry appeals to textile dress exports the attune on drawback rate has been handed in to the State Council. This one draft resolution is obtained finally batch, drawback of spin clothing outlet is led from August callback 2 percent. Among them, the exit of partial textile, dress drawback is led by 11% rise 13% .

This exit cancels the shift on tax rate, with respect to textile, dress character, was on April 1, 1985 since beginning to implement drawback policy adjust the 10th times: Came in July 1995 during December 1997 reduce 2 times, came in January 1998 during December 2003 go up 4 times tone, came in January 2004 during July 2008 reduce 3 times, just will turn around in August to this year be increased. From nearly 10 years textile, dress exports a circumstance to look, export the adjustment of drawback, the stand or fall that also behaves with exit is relevant.

5 big factors bring about exit to put delay

According to custom total arrange is announced, outback export increases 21.9% compared to the same period first half of the year this year, the corresponding period put increasing ratio last year delay 5.7 percent. The import rises 30.6% , the corresponding period accelerated increasing ratio last year 12.4 percent. Accumulative total favorable balance of trade is compared the corresponding period dropped last year 11.8% , this is the range of the biggest fall after a rise since China enters a life, if press a RMB valuation criterion range is bigger. Speaking the account that puts delay is many sided, basically have the factor of 5 respects: World economy puts delay, especially the United States second the influence that lends the crisis still is continueing to spread, international market demand is shown decrease, trade protection is increasingly serious; The RMB appreciates, before changing than was being collected in July 2005, rise 21% ; Manufacturing cost includes production data and rise artificially; Policy element, in recent years for many times the policy of constrictive foreign trade such as high speed improvement trade and exit drawback, effect is being shown stage by stage; The influence of natural disaster, calamity of snow of south of the beginning of the year, " 5 · 12 " shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, a lot of places last since June big calamity, bring about infrastructure to destroy serious, start working is insufficient.

Save Guangdong greatly in the first foreign trade, improvement trade holds total value of imports and exports of countrywide improvement trade 4 into, offer post of 17 million obtain employment, enterprise of 70 thousand improvement trade is at present medium, have 43 thousand occurrence difficulty.
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