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15% foreign trade rise situation of exit of hold a conference or consultation of

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On October 16, city of Gao Hu of undersecretary of Department of Commerce and take a group to attend wide hall of office of trade of the classics outside making each province of the meeting is long, held situation of a foreign trade to analyse an informal discussion.

The report that the conference omits by Zhejiang begins, the delegate of Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Fujian, Beijing, Anhui makes a speech early or late. Disclose according to an official attending the meeting, each province points out " it is the most difficult to already arrived at present period " .

Hear the report of each province, tall tiger city points out Department of Commerce thinks imports and exports grows 15 % is a bottom line, this is the lowermost point of growth that affects exit, obtain employment, prices and finance income.

Tall tiger city grows to hall repeatedly people exhort say, should allow authority " offer significant proposal, the true condition that we are badly in need of knowing a business, what do they need. The true condition that we are badly in need of knowing a business, what do they need..

On this meeting, of each province outside hall of classics trade office is long people happen to coincide the ground put forward to suggested at 2 o'clock, the first, the hope exports drawback callback; The 2nd, maintain the stability of RMB exchange rate, hope the imports and exports that holds our country the end of the year and next year from this increases stability.

Among them the 3 provinces such as Guangdong represent a Xiang Gaohu city building to discuss, the exit drawback of relevant product is best the level before can restoring to was adjusted 2007.

Each province exchanges data

From each province the delegate sends call the turn, a large amount of export goods problems get attention rate still be the first to be affected.

The statistic of Chinese customs total office shows, this year 1-9 month, a large amount of export goods exit of Chinese tradition are added fast all glide considerably. Among them, dress and clothing accessories export 87.08 billion dollar, grow 1.8% , than last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 21.2 percent; Shoe kind export increases 15.1% , fall after a rise 1.7 percent; Furniture exports amplitude fall after a rise 3.5 percent; Plastic products exports amplitude fall after a rise 8.4 percent.

Guangdong saves offerred data to show, dress of this province spin kind regard its as a large amount of the 2nd exit products, 1-9 month increase rate is this year drop compared to the same period 22.6 percent, among them dress glides 30.6 percent. Suffer its to affect, this year 1-9 month, guangdong imports and exports grows 13.2% only, export growth among them 13.5% , the import rises 13% . This number is far increase rate on average under the whole nation.

The case of Shenzhen is more outstanding.

According to statistic, hold total of Guangdong imports and exports for years 4 become Shenzhen city, this year 1-9 month, its export growth to be only 9% , far under the whole nation the growth level of 23% . And the general commerce of this city grows more appear first enjoy the increase rate of 1.5.
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