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Amount of quota of pily import tariff is certain 2009

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Dispatch country hair will transform business company on October 15 appoint 13 days are announced the import tariff quota of commissariat, cotton was measured 2009, with quota quantity keeps balance basically this year. The enterprise can handle quota application to 30 days from October 15.

Next year quantity of wheaten import tariff quota is 9.636 million tons, state trading scale 90% ; Corn 7.2 million tons, state trading scale 60% ; Rice 5.32 million tons, state trading scale 50% ; Cotton 894 thousand tons, state trading scale 33% .

The analyst inside course of study introduces, because our country main grain tastes kind of basic autarky, quota in former years is basic exhaustless. And pily criterion because demand of depression of spin costume market also can decrease.

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