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Asia-Pacific trade agreement is aided effectively push textile of Shandong Lai c

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Company of production of exit of textile of Lai state city makes full use of " Asia-Pacific trade agreement " policy of custom duty privilege, active organization supply of goods enlarges exit, dress exports Korea to get growing considerably. This year 1-8 month, lai state city is defeated by Han textile to amount to 131 batches, goods is worth 1.35 million dollar, grow respectively compared to the same period 322.58% with 325.76% .

Since this year, " Asia-Pacific trade agreement " execute new round of custom duty is decreased let commodity limits and favourable extent all expand considerably, the product that our country can enjoy Indian privilege custom duty enlarges 570 from 188 original 6 tax items, korea from 227 6 tax items enlarge 1367 10 tax items, the biggest favourable range that is defeated by past Korea dress is amounted to 50% . Limited company of some dress of Lai state city made full use of " Asia-Pacific trade agreement " policy of custom duty privilege, enlarged dress to export and benefit a lot. When this enterprise exported dress to Korea first last year, applied first " Asia-Pacific trade agreement " certificate of favourable country of origin, by this certificate this batches of dress obtained the custom duty derate of Korea custom smoothly, let savor of its Korea client benefit, established the business relation that stabilizes for a long time with this enterprise. This year first half of the year, this company goes profess to convinced to install 72 batches to Korea in all, four hundred and sixty-six thousand eight hundred dollar.

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