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Fabrics exit form is auspicious 1~8 month amplitude is remarkable

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Business company on October 16 dispatch from last year second half of the year begins, in domestic international a variety of elements interweave below the influence, enterprise of our country spin encountered unprecedented difficulty, especially exit enterprise, below the setting that glides in international economy, export growth presents the state that put delay apparently. But, this among them fabrics exit is gone against however situation and on, amplitude of amount of 1~8 month exit is compared the corresponding period increased nearly 13 percent last year.

In recent years, industry of our country fabrics transforms ceaselessly growth pattern, go up in design research and development, in kongfu of technical innovation fluctuation, carry high yield to taste additional cost, the company produces high-end product actively and seek new development space. This is exhibited from fabrics on see one spot, ginseng of function of the high-tech that uses new technology, new technology, environmental protection fabrics exhibits the growth that postpone business rapid.

Fall in October, arrived again " can extend a month " . Fabrics of China International spin and complementary makings (Qiu Dong) industry of exposition, China International uses textile and exhibition of blame weaving cloth and exhibition of yarn of China International spin to wait many exhibit can gather together hold. Among them fabrics is exhibited become " can extend a month " medium one large window, will those who come from 20 many countries and area exceed 2300 ginseng to exhibit business to carry newest product ginseng to exhibit. At the appointed time we will see product of fabrics of more and new and high science and technology appears.

Exit measures valence to add competition ability together to be strengthened apparently

According to custom statistic, 2008 fabrics of 1~8 month our country (do not include knitted piece goods, similarly hereinafter) export twelve billion five hundred and three million meters, grow 7.28% compared to the same period; Exit amount thirteen billion six hundred and eighty-six million dollar, grow 17.55% compared to the same period; Average unit price 1.09 dollars / rice, grow 9% compared to the same period. And go up these 3 amplitude are amount of year of the corresponding period, amount and price respectively - 1.35% , 4.62% with 6.38% . Can see, exit of our country fabrics altered the aspect that amplitude glides ceaselessly since last year since this year, realized volume price to be added together.

Look from the international competition ability of fabrics, coefficient rises ceaselessly. Coefficient of competition ability of our country fabrics is only 2000 0.04, the competition ability that can say to go up in the international market is very weak, abundantly of company of domestic downstream clothing uses an entrance high-grade fabrics. But the course is short 6, after 7 years, coefficient of competition ability of international of our country fabrics already was achieved 2007 0.49, and the international competition ability of of all kinds fabrics has rise tremendously. Next watches were 2000 since coefficient of competition ability of international of of all kinds fabrics:
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