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Toy exit puts medium and small businesses of delay _ half the number to exit com

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Business company dispatch customs total office is newest on October 15 issuance data shows, since this year, our country toy exports pace to put delay considerably. According to statistic, 1 ~ in July, our country toy exports 4.18 billion dollar, than last year the corresponding period grows 2.1% , amplitude considerably fall after a rise 22.7 percent. Among them, the toy will export 860 million dollar that month in July, grow 3.7% .

"The sales volume of the company is compared the corresponding period did not decrease last year, but profit glided however 10% the left and right sides. " the manager Huang Wenxuan of business of foreign trade of director of limited company of toy of Guangdong state treasure tells " daily of the first finance and economics " , this is one establishs just production of 3 years beneficial wisdom spells the company that inserts a toy, company product basically is sold wait for European country toward Russia, Wukelan.

Huang Wenxuan expresses, because domestic raw material and manpower cost rise, the RMB appreciates quickly, exit retreats tax rate to reduce, add abroad to detect cost raises, company profit glides many, "The situation this year is very bad to all toy production manufacturer. "The situation this year is very bad to all toy production manufacturer..

According to SGS toy of the company that open bid is mixed light industrial analysis of tiger of Ceng Xiao of inspector general of industrial facilities department, chinese toy exit encounters cold current basically has the reason of two respects this year, main reason is the change of global economic situation, as the daily consumable with indispensible blame, the sales volume of the toy accepts the impact of people economy condition continuously. Of course, he points out, the toy exit of this summer still basically is a basis the order last year, through the lag of period of time, the influence of global economy environment will be released in toy industry stage by stage.

Small company exits competition in great quantities

Custom report still shows, industry measure pelter is exported since this year, the majority in the business that exit is small company. 1 ~ in July, the company that our country has a toy to export gain 3507, than last year the corresponding period decreased 52.7% . Among them, exit does not amount to 1574 to the industry measure of 100 thousand dollar, than last year the corresponding period reduces 3631 completely, 93.1% what occupy toy of whole nation of the corresponding period to export an enterprise to reduce an amount completely.

Zhang Ying of manager of department of market of Chinese toy association tells a reporter, the suiting that small company reachs digestive cost to rise to policy and environmental change ability is poor, and appreciate as the RMB the aggravate of rate of speed, inflation, a lot of toys are young the enterprise closes down, also cause large quantities of toys export small company to exit competition since this year.
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