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World economy crisis: A christmas tree conducts financial seismic sea wave

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The travelling merchant that comes from Brazil is ordering christmas tree, the order that they issue this year is juniorer than going 20% .

Some do Ying Caijiao old lady of 76 years old not to understand, at hand of in former years gets the bowknot that does not plunge into more, how abrupt this year little?

In Dong Yang Guo Zhai presses down the village that add abundant, a lot of be in the home like Ying Caijiao " acting labour " old people, discovered this problem. Before, they sit in oneself doorway every day almost, what do all sorts of on christmas tree and santa Claus body hanging for handicraft factory is small act the role of article, one day can earn 40 yuan at most. But this year, this kind of handicraft work is a lot of less, a lot of moment can earn 10 yuan one day only.

Came 2002 2007, american economic stability grows, index of new York Dow Jones rises 94% , every year businessman of many United States purchases Christmas gift to justice black, industry of gift of justice black Christmas grows quickly.

But this year, inchoation the whole world of sweep anything away of financial seismic sea wave at wall street, to economic depression be anxious to make the consumptive apiration of American falls to freezing point, pass christmas tree conducts us beside -- those come every year the Christmas gift of replenish onr's stock of justice black insanity purchases business, this year or not dare replenish onr's stock, or reduces order, justice black is not little the business of christmas tree manufacturer because this is a lot of weaker.

Santa Claus break an appointment

In area of A of city of trade of justice black international a business of 3 buildings is spread in, a few christmas tree that hanging colored lantern keep twinkling, their master He Heping is looking at DVD film foolishly. In former years, these colored lantern are arranged trimly right now inside container, sail past ocean the other shore, in the street shop that can be placed in Euramerican each country before long, await people to move atmosphere of festival of deck coming home.

"The business this year is very slack, less than the sale last year many yuan 300, fall more than 20% . " He Heping says. Why be the general manager that a medium-sized christmas tree produces limited company of handicraft of the emperor in business justice black.

This was to do the He Heping of business of 8 years of christmas tree to feel the business is done hard for the first time, "Begin from 2002, order compares a year many with respect to a year, still have a few months every year from christmas, the client begins to issue sheet in succession, the machine in the factory also begins to turn even the axis day and night. The machine in the factory also begins to turn even the axis day and night..

Comparative data can discover, arrive from 2002 2007, also be the level that American economy is maintaining steady growth. Index of new York Dow Jones begins to rise from October 2002, to second half of the year went up 2007 already was as high as 94% . Rise at the same time with Dow Jones index, still have the economic data such as total volume of retail sales of investor confidence of the United States, society.
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