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A few countries express to will try hard to answer financial crisis

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Last weekend, government of a few states and constituent leader express, will strengthen international to cooperate hard to answer financial crisis; Some countries still announce new arrange inflict stabilizes native money market.

American president Bush announces when Baluozun of the French president Sakeqi that in Maryland city 18 days battalion interviews Davy to visit and chairman of European Union committee, the United States will be chaired with respect to problem of international banking crisis at the near future hold international peak to meet. Bush says, each country leader must carry a hand to come, participate in jointly resolve current international banking crisis, and prevent appear again in the future similar crisis. Urge country of European Union member to answer the Baluozun of international banking crisis to emphasize jointly all the time: "We need a new global finance order. " Sakeqi also expresses, what encounter at present is " the crisis of a whole world " , "Accordingly we must seek to settle way globally " . Sakeqi already issued a proposal before this, the requirement holds peak of crisis of banking of a whole world to meet as soon as possible.

The U.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen that attends meeting of head of country of the 12nd French in Canadian Quebec city writes French president Sakeqi 18 days, state U.N. respect supports an European Union to be at the beginning of this year December with all one's strength the proposal that calls together international finance peak to meet. He emphasizes in the letter, he holds with the international finance summit that Sakeqidi views to be able to organize a form, namely with 8 countries group head conference is a foundation, the international that invites president of bank of other country and U.N. secretary-general, world and president of international Monetary Fund to attend again is tall level conference.

Singapore state endowment politics hold Wu Zundong of chairman of financial management board concurrently 18 days to express, singapore government ensures effort Singapore place money market is stable. If global banking crisis causes Singapore economy depression, the government will extend aid to people. He says, the financial concussion that Singapore suffers has two sides: One is financial orgnaization, another is a SOHO. The first focal point with financial current management board is to ensure Singapore place money market is stable. Local bank won't be weakened because of this banking crisis, the financial system of Singapore won't because of this unbalance. In addition, singapore banking management board will ensure the investor that gets an effect is treated by fairness.

Korea government announces 19 days, the foreign currency that will provide amount to be 100 billion dollar pays assure, repay in order to help Korea place bank external debt, lessen the impact that American banking crisis brings. A statement that president of Central Bank of official of Korea finance minister, Korea and financial committee chairman signed jointly that day says, afterwards whole world is main economic system is offerred to each country bank after assuring, korea government will take similar step, be immersed in relatively adverse condition in order to prevent the bank of Korea. Korea government will employ foreign exchange reserve, provide the foreign currency fund of 30 billion dollar to the bank of Korea and exporter as soon as possible, in order to add money market liquidity. Begin from 20 days, the Korea industry bank that Korea government will pass Korea state-operated and bank of imports and exports to new bank external debt happens to offer 3 years before June 30, 2009 period pay assure.
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