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Zhejiang: Small loan tries loan of water half moon to exceed 100 million yuan

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In new network Hangzhou on October 19 report (Liang Yingrui of reporter of learn on job) be in a few days ago, zhejiang province was rolled out first small finance company, according to reporter understanding, half short month, zhejiang of 3 practice small loan orgnaization extends in all loan specified amount spends more than 100 million yuan.

It is reported, wen Zhou finance company is in forehead of one wife and children practice on the spot, signed book of 5 loan intent. And a Hai Ning before its is small finance company is in obtain license, but below the circumstance that has not do business formally, 20 medium and small businesses, country grows an application loan specified amount spend 75 thousand yuan; The sun that finance company registers specified number of one wife and children oneself has lake state 10 days inside, had put borrow more than 50 million yuan, the industry spreads all over each domains such as spin, metal fittings, building, agriculture.

Small the standard that finance company controls main duplicate bank in loan program flow, risk. But compare with bank photograph, small the operation of finance company is agile, assure means diversification, procedure is simple. Arrive small finance company, do not do grade to give a letter, two can lend a money to 3 days.

What at present industry pays close attention to most is, small finance company can gain, what is the biggest risk? Small the controller of finance company expresses, "The profitability of average company is in 10% the left and right sides, according to current circumstance analysis, future comes 3 years, the company produces better economic benefits very hard, but social benefit is to be more than economic benefits apparently. " analyse according to the personage inside course of study, to small finance company, the biggest risk is not to lack business, however bad loan rate. "A lot of enterprises do not have a data in classics trade bureau and statistical bureau. " this personage says, "Although contacted forms for reporting statistics, also can not reflect the management condition of the enterprise completely. " accordingly, general and small finance company is to go to a bank to search relevant credit record above all, investigate the particular case of usurer next.

Concerned expert points out, small the task of finance company, it is to prop up inconvenient medium and small businesses becomes preeminent company, can borrow money to the bank, is not all the time to small finance company borrows money.

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