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Finance company presses down grand practice in plain ginger

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On October 18, the Dongsheng country of the city that tell a state that is located in town of plain ginger of the city that tell a state is small course of study of reopen of grand of loan limited company! Limited company of things of bedroom of sun of gold of Jiangsu of this firm department combines additionally two legal entity and 7 natural people to raise fund 66 million yuan of form a partnership establishs, in will be actively, small home spins enterprise and individual to do poineering work offer convenient, agile, efficient loan to support. Progress is small loan does economy of strong, change to develop new rural area of well-off of means, construction to have important sense greatly to promoting an enterprise to do.

The city that tell a state has financial orgnaization 9, basic level site 158. To this year in August end, each whole town deposit remaining sum thirty-four billion six hundred and fifty-four million yuan, each loan remaining sum eighteen billion and ninety-six million yuan, put loan gross to list 6 counties of Nantong (city) head.

Jiangsu saves finance to do a vice director to check Bin instrument; La Shaomin of members of standing committee of Nantong municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor; (Jin Xin)

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