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Global finance is queasy wide hand in meeting to face pressure enterprise to mov

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Dispatch will occupy business company on October 17 CCTV message, wide the barometer that handing in can be Chinese foreign trade all along and vane. The 104th when holding in Guangzhou at present wide hand in although the meeting exhibits a gross to increase 54 thousand from 42 thousand, exhibition gross area exceeds 1 million square, but the global economy that because meet place of American banking crisis,causes is stagnant, make wide hand in meeting to facing not little pressure.

Current wide hand in meeting exhibition area, ginseng to exhibit enterprise dimensions to achieve the history new tall, get global economy however the influence of a lot of element such as grim situation, in exhibit a house in, the reporter feels the foreign country purchases trade number to decrease somewhat than previous term or session apparently, especially Euramerican travelling merchant criterion relatively photograph of previous term or session is compared decrease suddenly. And the American ginseng that the entrance exhibits an area exhibits an enterprise to also reduce 4 from 22 of previous term or session.

And differ before, current wide the item on display that makes meeting first phase changed mechanical and electrical products from spin dress. Because at present the raw material price such as rolled steel drops, a lot of purchase business to support wait-and-see attitude. Business of a lot of export is moved in succession low right " export report " expectation value.

To assure to trade the quantity won't have big rise and fall, current wide meet can new to purchasing business to put forward requirement, must provide airline ticket and the evidence that book a hotel, purchasing business in order to ensure is true single-hearted. And abroad purchase business to invite gross to be 850 thousand, increase 1.32 times than previous term or session, those who invite gross to be the history most.

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