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The expert comments on: Fund liquidates more of cotton city short-term be enslav

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Business company on October 20 futures of dispatch new York: Although the market rebounded strong by low yesterday, price of Dan Benzhou cotton still did not walk out of negative area. Fund makes the same score a storehouse wantonly, the speculation with new together with sells dish, the price falls the broken price that prop up, return mixed in May 2007 propped up in July 2006. Stock market price sinks, the dollar goes strong, other goods loss, american retail data is depressed, all these elements bring about cotton city to flounce off negative area feebly. Period cotton price appears to exceed badly sell pattern, achieve 2004 the lowermost level since metaphase. But, want the market only still all sorts of elements with current be enslaved to be enslaved to, super- sell pattern to be able to form finite short-term effect only. Period authority agio had increased historical average.

City looks into after: Main area and photograph comparing does not have major change last week. At least short-term inside the market still more fund liquidate be enslaved to be enslaved to / perhaps be faced with cast empty energy newly. In exponential fund hand still hold is many bull place, about 80, 000 hands, if periphery element still benefit is empty, exasperate perhaps, so, they will force market occurrence more to square act.

Nearly a few weeks, pily demand side causes the attention of a lot of personages and research, relevant data is amended downward every day almost. But, the problem is current price still has how old between next sounding, besides the influence to demand, what will economic crisis arise to affect to more long-term cotton yield.

India: The cotton of each state sows the job to had been finished. Always grow an area about 9.1 million hectare. What the cotton field of 80% cultivates is to turn gene cotton seed. Indian report, crop may be more than 31.3 million packets of last year (170 kilograms, india wraps heavy) . The state with maximum increase production is Andhra Pradesh state. Imperscriptible orgnaization is evaluated, crop is in 32.5 million packets - 34.3 million packets.

Arrive the amount increases, daily and average wrap in 80-100.

Indian cotton company (CCI) is preparing to undertake the largest one number amount on its history is purchased. Association estimation, they may purchase 500-1000 10 thousand packets (170 kilograms) cotton, aim to support domestic price. CCI has begun to purchase the cotton of Punjab state and Haryana state, force Indian north textile mills to begin to purchase the cotton of Gujarat in great quantities.

Nearly a few weeks, indian rupee lasts to the dollar fatigued and weak. Pily price will be reduced. But, at present lowermost support price makes pily treatment business very hard in exit the market retains competition ability, before a few weeks, cotton trader and exporter exeunt accordingly wait-and-see.

Price of cotton of button fix a date drops, price of together with India goes soft, and Indian rupee devalues to the dollar, new York price and Indian price difference are narrow. International exporter and the behavior between a few native land exporter are restricted, domestic exporter begins a few eating goods. But the feedback that comes from export market is very few. Because consumption may decrease, textile mills is native land to purchasing now pily attitude is very cautious.
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