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Hypostatic economy suffers concussion toy tycoon two factories close down

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Business company on October 17 dispatch 15 days morning, one of business of toy acting plant with the biggest whole world join handsome group (02700.HK) announces to stop a card, the two brunt factory of 16 days of its Dongguan announces suddenly to close down, the factory is take-overed by the government, 6500 workers are faced with two factories unemployed. This is at present China closes down the case with the biggest dimensions in hypostatic enterprise.

The factory closes down, the government takes over control

15 days morning, add up to handsome group stock to hand in place to issue announcement in Hong Kong couplet, announce in the morning 9 when buying and selling of the time-out since 44 minutes, "Concern share price in order to wait for print hair the announcement of sensitive data " , market price receives before stopping a card 0.099 yuan. 14 days, since adding up to handsome group to close to appear on the market with 0.08 HK dollar minimum price.

16 days, add up to what handsome group is located in head of Guangdong Dongguan camphorwood to add up to He Jun of handsome toy factory to get toy factory to announce suddenly to close down, the factory worker that has not take full pay and payment for goods and supplier unaware. To pacify common feelings of people, the government announces to take-over factory. Announcement of a government sticks in factory gate above: "You are parental help sb to get over a difficulty, be far from home town to improve family life, to this we press down a government to express cordial acknowledgment, however as a result of the enterprise person management not to be pooh-poohed brings about an enterprise to close down... " content says the government has established special working party, endeavor to solve the salary problem of employee.

Add up to handsome group to appeared on the market in Hong Kong 2006, 70% above sell the product toward the United States, include to be the company of toy business beautiful peaceful with the biggest whole world to provide professional work of the treatment that stick a card, dishini ever also was its client, it is one of business of production of before the whole world 3 big toys. Two factories that close down this are the brunt production base that joins handsome group. When distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, group still not answer card, still do not have newest announcement to release.

Freezing 3 feet, those who be not a day is cold

Handsome finance and economics closes in sina in, many employee and supplier say to add up to salary of your writing of handsome Shang Qian and payment for goods, employee complains substantially to managing a layer, say to begin to close from last year handsome the problem that appeared to manage not to be pooh-poohed.

Freezing 3 feet, those who be not a day is cold, the fund that joins handsome group already appeared already from last year problem.

Add up to Hu Jinbin of handsome group chairman 1995 from Dongguan build up, established a company 1996, hong Kong appeared on the market in September 2006. In September 2007, add up to handsome group to buy Fujian day to bring mining industry share, begin to march mining industry. Meantime is apart from close handsome appear on the market rectify 1 year, share price is in low fan. Industry public figure says, buy total cost this to reach four hundred and eighteen million nine hundred and fifty thousand yuan in 133 million yuan between, close handsome fail to call in at all cost, march mining industry invites its get into trouble instead.
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