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Lang Xianping: China already entered period of industrial and commercial chain

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The itself that help city is right, but how to help city, what is the concept that helps city? We had not made clear Hunan. I want to cast give a new theory, be called China to had entered a period of unprecedented industrial and commercial chain. Be in farming agrarian society, a branch gives an issue, other department won't respond. But times of industrial and commercial chain is different, a branch gives an issue, can produce dominoes effect.

Farming you can say agrarian period commercialize, but in industrial and commercial chain when, you must resemble American government present practice. Is American government to help building city directly? Still help the stock market directly? The practice of American government is behead breaks industrial and commercial chain. When financial department occurrence issue, establish firewall behead to break industrial and commercial chain immediately, otherwise consequence is unimaginable.

If the illusion relies on the market to solve a problem, do you know what below one piece of dominoes is? It is finance break down, can make American common people loses confidence, below one piece of dominoes reduces consumption namely, that affects production, issueing a piece again is unemployed, be immersed in vicious circle all the time, until break down greatly.

I tell everybody land agent, if you feel the day is sad, this is the autumn just begins, financial crisis of the United States still goes to China without concussion. As long as Euramerican can establish firewall successfully, assured the confidence of Euramerican personage, consumption does not decrease, won't hit us directly.

Do not carry again later commercialized, do not rely on to commercialize the crisis that resolves China, be not solved at all. Commercialize the matter that also should not become a government not to help city. We should learn the way of Euramerican government. Ask everybody to want, why is European each country many nationalization these orgnaizations? This is the new idea that I tell everybody, that uses national credit namely, make up for capitalist credence be short of break, the common people that ability gives these forfeiture hope with strong heart needle.

Nationalization, especially European nationalization is not a purpose, it is a method only, establish the method of common people confidence afresh. And do we go what is the end that civilian battalion changes? Do not know, a lot of moment are for civilian battalion is changed and civilian battalion is changed.

Of Chinese government help city, no matter be to increase loan proportion, what be still 2 flatlet, that is small dozen small be troubled by, not be to help city. Behead breaks industrial and commercial chain to just make help city. Was our behead broken? Without. Why can there be bubble of building city, stock market last year? Expert scholar of home says is fluidity superfluous those who cause, government in order to control liquidity superfluous for adjusting control target. And the newest theory according to me is, chinese government breaks industrial and commercial chain without behead.
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