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Desolate par consumes front courtyard of luxury brand door in season and arisen

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Business company on October 20 dispatch " mark a price the world brand handbag of 58 thousand can sell 3 one morning, mark a price female outfit of 8900 yuan brand of new fund of edition of set limit to, a week does not sell light entirely to 20! " the merchant of a few luxury brands is recollected last year " brilliant " outstanding achievement, the affection of the yearning is in overtones. Nowadays, below the big setting of global economy be issued to lower levels, a few buy the home extravagantly to begin to save needless expenditure, shenzhen luxury market experienced blow on the face subsequently and come " cool air " . Meanwhile, white-collar gens people consumption also had " constrictive " plan, par consumption is in season and arisen.

Front courtyard of luxury inn door is desolate

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to the assemble the Xi Wu general merchandise of numerous world top famous brand, it may be said of appearance of cold and cheerless of the front courtyard that use the door is appropriate.

Before inn of some world-renowned dress brand, full two hours, the client that make inquires comes to before is very few, this inn assistant tells a reporter helplessly, period of time comes recently, the business was differred many, storefront of a lot of moment is in the condition of unmanned make inquires. The inn of shop of a business grows golden brilliance square tell a reporter, since this year June, the sale of store of clothing of some world brand that she is in is in all the time glide, relatively the corresponding period dropped last year nearly two into. "Come now a few old customers that of patronage is before more, global economy crisis, they also are those who look more to buy became little. " she says. A security personnel of every phenomenon city also confirms to the reporter, compared with a few months before, the client that will consume is little really a lot of.

Two kinds of desires that buy the home are low

Xi Kedong analyses inspector general of department of layout of market of square of golden light China, of economic depression, prices upsurge these two elements make desire of consumption of two kinds of when luxury consumes main crowds low, brought about luxury sale to glide then. One kind is to because the stock market is small,be full of estate partly fan, investment project financing is constrictive wait for a reason, fortune greatly shrink, do not have naturally on the consumption of luxury so easy before. Additionally one kind is a few white-collars and young relatively good-paying person, rise to prices the pressure with was experienced constant, of life cost rise let them compress luxury to consume a plan greatly, "The luxury that buys after all cannot eat when the meal " .

The reporter is come up against in visit be inside some famous dress brand " just ramble " Xiaoqiao. She says, month of every other one or two always wants to buy a clothes that he takes a fancy to early to this brand inn previously, since this year, she is accomplished hard " ramble not to her mind disturbed more " . She calculated pen Zhang to the reporter. Income of her what work in the foreign enterprise personally month is made an appointment with ten thousand and five, chummage is compared since this year previously every months of many capture 500 yuan, the two houses that rent now one hall every months 3000 yuan, have a meal, the expenditure such as communication, traffic expenses of every months also rises to 3000 yuan or so now, plus hairdressing of every months and errant expenditure, those who remain is insufficient still buy a PRADA handbag.
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