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Brunet light color does not make home of wintry day room alight with style each

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Business company dispatch winter day will arrive on October 20, in returning lee home, because your meeting discovery is mixed in furniture deserve to act the role of on used different color, and bring your disparate temperature to experience. Brunet department builds the style of a costly Wen Xu more easily; Because the furniture that light color fastens is sober with concise, richer expression tension, suit this season that needs pure and fresh sense particularly. To the home, no matter brunet still be light color attune, want to match attentively only, the Ju Jiasheng that can allow wintry day becomes alight alive rise!

Become deep acceleration

In the furniture of all sorts of styles, walnut, cherry the brunet series such as red, nigger-brown already predominate. The furniture of brunet Mu Wen and floor, tonal and decorous richly, build form a complete set with the outfit of nostalgic classicism, more show atmosphere, but too the colour and lustre of massiness is helped without a bit to cold mood, alternate the adornment such as furniture, cloth art, bring to the bedroom " cover hot " motion, let cool and refreshing become warm, let become simply massiness.

10% ADD

Increase cloth art dash forward attune of the green that show pink

Addend: Mao Mao relies on shelf of carpet of bag, pure wool, green

Archetypal: Sitting room area is left and right sides of 30 square metre, mass-tone attune is black and white color.

Addition: The soft outfit elaborate that fastens powdery green in the winter is on brunet furniture, can make a sitting room more fashionable and do not miss atmosphere; the TV setting wall of black walnut facing the shelf of marked position changes brush fresh and tender green, can defeat solution to display depressing mood slightly. The color echo of shelf and sofa cushion for leaning on, blanket, on exterior ornament one a delicate adornment. Warm carpet makes you convenient on the ground and sit.


In light color and the household environment of deep colour contrast, increase colour element to will have conspicuous effect, in lamplight apply on should give priority to with warm yellow, meet those who have get effect instantly add lukewarm effect.

20% ADD

White furniture challenges visual focus

Addend: Desk of desk of crystalline light, white, high chair, bed, carpet, cushion for leaning on

Archetypal: Floor and bookcase of type of an organic whole are chosen slant the real wood that massiness feels, form the visual result that cool color ties, winter place oneself among them, have gloomy and cold feeling rather.

Addition: Show heavy real wood bookcase and floor to appear to be an organic whole repeatedly slightly, want to defeat the atmosphere that sees such dignified, must use to it the furniture of strong contrast and deserve to act the role of. Desk desk and seat choose white classic pattern, the proper wind that sets gold to increase certain great gas model, add carpet of abb of shop heavy fleece, in the winter more the warm feeling in joint heart.
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