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09 Chun Xia plays week of the fashionable dress that overcome the United States

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By India the first cosmetic and hairdressing service brand pull Ke Meihe to lead global vogue to manage company company to be initiated jointly play week of the fashionable dress that overcome the United States. "Bring into India global fashion group and determine trend of its future vogue afresh " develop a target as its. Hold every year twice, current Lakemei week of fashionable dress of 9 years of Chun Xia will come to will perform artistic center in the country of Bombay on October 24 on October 20, 2008 (NCPA) is held.

Grand occasion of bound of Indian fashionable dress will play week of the fashionable dress that overcome the United States on September 15 (LFW) was announced 75 stylist sponsor square list with 13. That day, pull Anil Chopra of controller of the company that overcome the United States, be stationed in Ravi Krishnan of Indian IMG controller, the combination of TAJ president public house in Bombay holds a news conference: On October 20 - 24 days perform a center in Bombay country art, week of fashionable dress of the 2008 beauty that pull a gram will be fervent come on stage.

75 stylist that come from Indian whole nation will reveal them on fashionable dress week new work. Today second " new era " beautiful also will appear 10 new face, with toward dress stylist is performed with the stage together, press an axis finally to be deduced by affection of bend of famous stylist Sabyasachi Mukherjiee.

To explain the fashionable drive of every season, sponsor square Gitanjali, li Wei this, zhi China person, westside, peroni, DHL, TAJ president public house and NCPA back this fashionable week as always. Si Ke amounts to a car, cellucom, ni Kang, e24 and Himalayan are new join and with Lakemei, lux and Sunsilk share this one fashionable stage jointly.

To promote the development of men's clothing vogue, LFW will run show of men's clothing special performance, arrange of this with one action is in India is unprecedented, also will witness Indian homeland stylist people beautiful the men's clothing that gives them is fashionable. In the meantime, 4 deserve to act the role of stylist also will beautiful the work that gives them.

Bombay of LFW along with is artistic now joint team did gallery JAMAAT ' artistic design atelier ' . Come from the famous artist Ajay De of Indian whole nation, arzaan Khambatta, babu Xavier, bharti Prajapati, brinda Chudasama Miller, dhruvi Acharya, dileep Sharma, indrapramit Roy, jayasri Burman, jogen Chowdhury, laila Khan Rajpal, paresh Maity, paritosh Sen, rini Dhumal, samir Mondal, satish Gujral, shiva Sanjari, simeen Oshidar, sudip Datta and Sunil Padwal will participate in this activity, the painting brush that uses them develops the fashionable idea that belongs to them on white canvas.

Fashionable industry drives India and world vogue to conform, LFW is main goal with recommending Indian homeland stylist all the time, offer the expressional opportunity in week of large international vogue for them. In the meantime, fashionable week of the beauty that pull a gram is bought by international vogue, media and stylist place praise highly. This one fashionable week will be centered in middle east market, and buy the home and media to come from for the most part enlighten do obeisance to, kuwait, oman, saudi Arabia, australia, france, italy, england and United States.
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