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4 big trends deduce autumn winter vogue

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Two years Qiu Dong will be city female the calm season with new elegant and delicate regression. Review each hand-me-down of old brand and advanced and custom-built news briefing, the popular style of this season gradually Anacreontic clarity rises. Let us follow Shanghai university - of the experts of each country vogue of institute of art of Parisian international fashionable dress alone the door is analytic go understanding this year newfangled information of Qiu Dong.

1, fold wear as before

Represent a brand: A.F.Vandervorst

The slender outline of the freshest nothing is more... than on stage of this Ji Qiudong T, and long money outline optimal deducing means is cascade wears a law. Cascade is mixed build pair of attention style for you early not unfamiliar, now the cascade collocation that Nian Qiudong performs afresh will have its distinctive new idea, can help you draw the outline of the new fashion with an optional individual character.

Shanghai university - the expert of institute of art of Parisian international fashionable dress thinks, contemporary stylist people get inspiration increasingly from inside real life. Originate the cascade of street style is mixed build wear a law by each big stylist people deduce afresh, in distinctive city new wind blossoms on the beautiful field of season today. Cover a good-sized business suit again outside business suit, perhaps put on trousers below long skirt match again outside pants of close perhaps leg short skirt, the irregular wearing a law of cascade is strewn at random, protean.

Distinct, degree of tightness has send and not burdensome, it is cascade mixes the highest state that join. Exceed big knitting coat satisfied languid is lazy, it is the necessary sheet that cascade wears a law is tasted. Pants is being added on pants also is the new power that cascade of this a few season expands, the collocation inside pants differs in the tight pants of lubricious department brings harmonious aesthetic feeling. Chatelaine can let various administrative levels look more orderly, draw the outline of a woman's attractive body curve.

Hale contrast is exquisite, agile clipping adds sexy underwear, this is A.F.Vandervorst this the famousest to archives of husband and wife dualism. Today autumn, they regard a bottom as the paragraph the shirt of mark sex, almost the collocation that each modelling can use black or close leg pants of white regards cascade as the appearance of an actor. They still were created new modern wear a law -- coat is folded wear, give person warmth thick wintry day impression. What match outside is style of delegate hale and hearty is narrow body amice is mixed pair of jackets of a type (it is actually, but be like it seems that inside matched outside longer coat one shrank the coat of water) , exquisite place, it is they chose to exceed big wool cardigan to match more exaggerated scarf. Look be like dress up casually, actually applied cascade collocation to go up most cultured skill, follow easily excellent grade is revealed between the gender.
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