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2009 Chun Xia series issue week of China International fashionable dress

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2009 Chun Xia series release week of China International fashionable dress to open in Beijing on November 5. In the time of a week of by a definite date, will be in Beijing restaurant and Beijing of D · PARK meeting place (Beijing vogue designs square) conduct 60 multinomial and professional activities.

Model of many 800 profession will show work of more than 2000 when stylist of hairstyle of more than 40 fashionable brand that comes from China and foreign countries and gauze of more than 30 hand-me-down, fashionable dress, underwear, marriage, colour makeup brings newest designs to media, businessman and professional personage, still have 6 fashionable dress and variety makeup modelling design contest and 3 China and foreign countries are famous news briefing of work of school teachers and students will be revealed to the public the fashionable dress that provides originality alone and make up plastic arts. More than 10 press conference, entertainment bender and special subject chair still will be held during.

Since week of China International fashionable dress founded 1997 oneself, experienced 54 more than 440 stylist and fashionable brand news briefing, professional contests and 11 China vogue large award prize-giving grand ceremony, week of China International fashionable dress has become stylist of China and foreign countries and well-known trademark to release the popular trend, internationalization fashion that shows image of brand of innovation design, contribute arena.

The 4 big functions of week of current the latest fashion board piece reveal fashionable glamour

Board piece one of: Special performance is released -- well-known trademark and stylist are tasted newly release

To dress as common people culture of consumption, brand is mixed those who design connotation pay close attention to increasingly, well-known trademark and stylist hold China and foreign countries to be tasted newly regularly make the important instrument that guides image of brand of consumption, promotion and competition ability with popular trend news briefing, the design color that the originality that craftsmanship provides alone and extraordinary splendour confused show becomes the key that decides market success or failure, week of China International fashionable dress becomes the international stage of domestic and international fashionable brand and style of stylist make public.

Install Zhou Youlai to hold news briefings of 2009 Chun Xia popular trend from more than domestic and international 40 well-known trademarks at the appointed time originally

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