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Trends of 09 popularity of product of Chun Xia silk: Artistic function zoology

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Products of 2009 Chun Xia silk will be more young change: If the bright-coloured and pure and fresh monochromatic silks and satins, flowers printing snow that is full of artistic breath is spun; Have twinkle the good yarn of burnish, the frivolous silk fabric of sodden beautiful effect; Have ethical element and copy to give birth to effect of colour of He Hong of gradual change of design, color already, have again mouldproof, waterproof the silk product that shows the function such as wet, comfortable flexibility is waited a moment. Multivariate with vogue it is fabrics of 2009 spin of Chun Xia China -- the theme of silk product appeals to beg.

Real silk and cotton, wool, flax (ramie) , stick the fiber such as fiber of glue, Tencel, Lyocell, Modal, polyamide fibber, milk, acetic acid fiber, new-style dacron, stretch fiber to undertake blending, interweave or wrap core, the simple sense kimono that abounded silk product further uses a sex. Accord with the organic cotton of environmental protection concept, can reclaim polyester fibber, paper fiber, algal fiber, bamboo fiber is the development emphasis that deserves attention.

Obtain design inspiration from inside all sorts of artistic forms: The flowers printing of painterly style or rural breath, hazy gradual change effect and plunge into catch the effect, plant or animal vair appearance, abound geometrical design of change, the brocade of classic imply and ethical grain appearance, pure and fresh sodden flower, hollow out and embroidery. Downy and changeful burnish feeling, bring or elegant, or luxuriant exterior effect. Drape cooperates the change of dress design, having very expressional power. Rings gauze effect is in plain in do not break delicate, and purl and the application of the gauze that spend type pay attention to detail processing more. Color knits stripe, wool spinning classic case grain, drew lessons from the design concept of other category well.

Polyurethane is arranged, avoid very hot fight knit arrange, fight bacterium to arrange what craft arranges after waiting for functional sex to apply, it is better to be brought to silk product defend the gender is mixed protect reason easily, extended its to consume the market. Coating handles traditional and silk content to be mixed with brand-new appearance simple sense. Raw material, auxiliary and the zoology sex in producing a course are paid close attention to extensively.

Theme 1 do-nothing to happy

Quiet, auspicious neuter color included of all cities Bacchic, empty spirit is quiet. Light Shui Moyun catchs rich administrative levels; The gradual change that fastens with color makes spirit becomes more abstruse; La Diaochuan is being amounted to right quiet and quiet contemplative, searching the balance of life.

Of new-style fiber and much constituent raw material apply, promoted silk fabric take property. Delicate, contracted loop big check or stripe, those who undertook having nostalgic interest is classical deduce. The product of printing and dyeing of satin weave of classics broadwise contamination of waste enamel, hazy effect, plunge into the grain kind that catchs fabric and color gradual change to make the person ases if place oneself in visional dream, deliver piece more the lasting appeal of secret. Pass the improvement of raw material and craft, make silk product is obtained good flexibility and call reason easily.
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